Beach Holiday Villas for Rent Coconut Samui Symbol - Coconut Samui beach vacation rentals, Thai style wooden holiday villas, are situated along the beach front of Koh Samui's Bang Por Beach. These magnificent homes are available for rent and thus provide the perfect basis for a distinguished island holiday and original tropical lifestyle experience. Select from a range of more than thirty holiday villas within a scope of perfect rental options for every ambition and budget.

Holiday Conveniences

The Coconut Samui villas are liberally spaced out on well-manicured, tropical gardens around the resort swimming pool. A number of villas even include private swimming pools and Jacuzzi's. All villas are equipped with air-conditioners, ceiling fans, WiFi, TV and comfortable relax furniture. There is always a kitchenette with cooking stove and fridge for snacks and refreshments. A large, roofed terrace at every home provides generous outdoor living space and some villas have an additional balcony with ocean views and a Thai style sala at the beach front. Holiday makers at the Coconut Samui villas enjoy the ease and freedom at their spacious holiday home. Let us help you find the ideal retreat to perfect your holiday.

Exclusive Villas, Excellent Value

Four bedrooms, up to 8 guests

Note: Two master bedrooms with en-suite!
Coconut Paradise P5

Coconut Paradise P5 Full Details

Four bedrooms, up to 8 guests

Coconut Paradise P4

Coconut Paradise P4 Full Details

Four bedrooms, up to 8 guests

Coconut Paradise P2

Coconut Paradise P2 Full Details

Four bedrooms, up to 8 guests

Coconut Tropicana T3

Coconut Tropicana T3 Full Details

Four bedrooms, up to 7 guests

Coconut Tropicana T4

Coconut Tropicana T4 Full Details

Two bedrooms +1, up to 6 guests

Coconut Tropicana T5

Coconut Tropicana T5 Full Details

Three bedrooms, up to 6 guests

Coconut River R4

Coconut River R4 Full Details